Of course, summer has just left us – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for what will come next year. That is why this is the perfect moment to search for outdoor swimming pools – because this isn’t the hot season, we are offering discounts to all of our customers, whether they want to purchase new swimming pools, whether to add new modern features to their already existing ones.

In this way, the most important factor you should take into account is how much money you want to invest – because this is indeed an investment, which will increase the quality of your lifestyle. Thus, the cheapest alternatives for swimming pools are the above ground ones. And the cheapest above swimming pools are the inflatable ones. They come in all sizes and shapes and they can be made from different types of fabrics. Give us a call and, as far as these types of outdoor swimming-pools are concerned, you will find out that they are a cheap and fun way of spending the summer days.outdoor swimming pools uk

Furthermore, these inflatable swimming pools can be taken anywhere in your trips and they are also low maintenance.

Then there are the steel swimming pools, which are also above ground pools. More expensive than the previous alternative, these are (as their name suggests) from stainless steel, thus being much more resistant than the inflatable ones. Trendy and elegant, they are resistant to any kind of weather hazards, as well as to tearing and puncture.

Furthermore, they can be designed in any way that a customer wants and they can benefit from any types of modern features, such as a water heating system, water purifier, touchscreens displays, and so on.

While more expensive, they are also a viable alternative to the inground pools and they can be used both for having splashy fun times, both for training (as said, our customers are the ones who decide the shape, the length and the deepness). They are sturdy and very resistant, with the stainless steel walls reinforced by sturdy steel buttresses. More and more of our customers purchase these types of outdoor pools.

As you can see, these are the main alternatives to the inground swimming pools – and both of them are much less expensive than the inground ones.

Lastly, there are the inground swimming pools – which are also the most expensive ones. But, by all means, having one of these will certainly make you the best friend of your friends (so to speak).

As said, we do offer discounts for those who want to improve their already existent swimming pools. In this way, you can give us a call and have our professional teams of salesmen guide you in the right direction. After upgrading your swimming pool with the latest technologies, you won’t just have fun – you will also decrease the costs of maintenance. Of course, these upgrades are mainly for the stainless steel swimming pools and the inground ones.

Call us now and receive your discount. Whether you will purchase a cheaper swimming pool, whether you will go for the more expensive outdoor swimming pools, you have plenty of alternatives and extra features from which you can choose.

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